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Bach Flower Remedies


Bach Flower Remedies are homeopathic tinctures used for various health conditions. It is made by distilling flowers to produce a specific formulation. The website states that brandy alcohol is used as the preservative. “The brandy source is grape alcohol, distilled and filtered in accordance to regulated good manufacturing practices.” There is 27% of this alcohol in a container. There is no kosher certification. Is there an issue that the alcohol is derived from grapes?


This sounds very much like stam yanom, and should not be used.

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  1. The Bach remedies (rescue remedy) that is sold here in Israel has a hechsher from London BD. The label leads ethanot but does not say anything about grape brandy.

    1. The question was answered according to the information that the person submitted. If the information has changed, or if there are different types, then each one has to be considered separately.

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