Hello, I received a gift at work, of a bottle of very expensive wine ($200+). May I give it away to a non-jew? or how else may I dispose of it?


If it was produced in countries that the gentiles are Christians, then the wine will be rendered stam yainom, and you should not give it to a gentile, but it should be poured down the toilet, since it is forbidden to benefit from it. However if there is a specific need and it is a big loss to you, you may be allowed to sell it to a gentile.

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4 Responses to “Non-Kosher Wine received as a gift”

  1. Good afternoon, Rabbonim,

    Did you just pasken that we are permitted to drink non-kosher wine provided it is a gift and sealed when we recieve it?


    • Chas Vshalom! We may not drink non kosher wine. The question (as far as I understood it) was that it was kosher wine, and the person asking it was wondering if the fact that it was given to her as a present from a gentile, does that render the wine stam yeinom. To that I answered that since the bottle ws always sealed it will not be stam yeinom, but a closed bottle does not make non kosher wine kosher! BUt on second thought maybe you are right and the person aasking the question was rally referring to really unkosher wine, therefore I will change the answer, and thank you for bringing up this point!!

  2. Thank you for the speedy clarification, Rav. Avoiding stam yayin is the hardest part of kashrut for me, so if there was room for leniency, I would have been quite pleased! Have a pleasant and blessed Shabbat


    • Thee is a wonderful new sefer on these halachos called Wine whiskey and Halacha By R’ S. Kallus, and R’ Slansky, published by Feldheim. If you read the sefer you will see exactly where you can be leineint and where you can’t.

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