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Dirt under nail and other chatzizah


I washed netillat yadayim before davening, and shortly after finishing shacharit I noticed some dirt under my nail (my nails are a little longer than the ends of my fingers, which I understand can cause an issue with chatzizah for netillat yadayim).
I didn’t notice it before doing netillat yadayim, so is it safe to assume that it accumulated while davening? If not, would this invalidate my netillat yadayim and/or tfillah?
I also wear a bracelet which sometimes hangs down from my wrist over my hands. While I’m usually careful to move it out of the way before washing, if it were you be touching my hand while I’m washing would the netillah be invalidated bedieved?


Your tefilla was fine and IY”H will be accepted by H-shem.

The whole idea of being careful not to have a chatzitza when washing one’s hands for davening is only a preference and not an obligation, and it surely is not meakev the tefilla. Even if a person didn’t wash before davening, the tefilla is still valid. therefore you don’t have to worry at all.

Additionally, if your nails were not long and didn’t reach past the end of your fingers, the dirt under them is not a chatzitza, and the bracelet that is hanging down on your hand is most probably not tight on your hand and therefore it is also not a chatzitza. Therefore everything is fine.

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Shulchan Aruch O:CH 161-1, 4-7

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