Hello, I am trying to understand how the we reconcile the flood and that all humankind around now descend from Noach and his son’s with the fact that there were and are still civilizations that are or were isolated from the rest of the world.

For example, how could American Indians have gotten to settle where they are. Or the ancient civilizations of South America? How did people get from Har Arrarat where the Ark settled to Australia or other areas that were unteachable until boats came only to completely lose touch with the rest of the world and society which they would have had to come from? If they traveled from the African continent and middle east area, they no doubt could have traveled back. It would have been logical to maintain connection, for trade or just even because every person comes from a family, and to want to remain connected to the world they arrived from. Assuming differently would mean to say that every person that ever reached one of these areas was committed to cutting off.

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It is an interesting question, how exactly they got from one place to the other, I can’t tell you, but I don’t see why it is so hard to understand that they could have come with boats, which they definitely used from the time of the great flood. There is a book called Biblical Archaeology- Vol. 1, by Rabbi Zamir Cohen which brings documented findings from very remote areas, such as Australia, Alaska, Iceland New Zealand, Mexico, North America, and even Hawaii. All of them have a similar story, of a flood and only one family survived, and from him came all civilization. Obviously these civilizations all knew about the great flood, because they all talk about having ancestry from there.

As a side point in ancient times when a person moved far away it was understood that they would be detached from their family etc. They didn’t have e-mail, or any mail, nor did they have telegrams, but this was what life was about and that did not stop people from being pioneers and developing the world and finding their own place to live.

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