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Withholding wages


My company just put in a new payroll system and instead of paying us every two weeks, they are going to delay the first paycheck by one week so they can catch up on their time recording and then pay us every two weeks after that. I am losing one week’s pay until i leave the company!!
As that bal taleen?


Just because they are delaying the paycheck doesn’t mean that you are not goingto be paid for the work that was done, as each months wages hs to be acconted for.  If indeed they are cheating you out of two weeks worth of pay, it isn’t only baal tolin, they are over of five “lavin” and an asey. I would advise you to bring this up with them and get it clarified.

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  1. Of course they will pay me, eventually. I always get paid for the last two weeks every other Friday. But now i have to work for three weeks to get my two weeks pay and then two weeks two weeks etc.

    1. When are they going to pay you for that extra week?

        1. If thaat is the case, it doesn’t sound very good or acceptable to me.

  2. they are claiming dina d’malchuta. It is standard in the garment center industry to withhold payment for the benefit of the payroll department to prepare payrolls for a large number of people. We were always paid after two weeks, now they are making it after three weeks for this changeover and then every two weeks.

    1. Are they paying the amount of money owed ( three weeks worth, when they pay?

  3. no, that’s why they are paying that extra week at the very end of employment. Instead of holding back 2 weeks and then paying us on Friday, this first time they are holding back 3 weeks, paying us for the first two weeks and withholding the last week.

    1. Correct. this means that they arew withholding payment of that week for a few years, which is incorrect unless this is the understanding that the worker will wait so long, which doesn’t sound correct.

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