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Not tipping the counselors


My son is in a day camp but he is comes home crying. He is getting picked on a lot. He is not enjoying it at all. Are we allowed to not tip the counselors? It is understood and expected that one is supposed to give a tip. And it seems that the counselors are relying on it as part of their income for the summer. But if my son is very unhappy with how the counselors are doing their job (and I have no reason to not believe him), could we not tip them as we are not happy with the job they are doing?


It depends if it is the understanding that they will be tipped, and that this is like a part of thier wages, (and in camps it can be thier whole wage) and a tip should be given. ( You can give on the lower end of what is acceptable if you ae not happy.) Maybe it would help your son and the situation if the counselors and head counselor would be told about what is going on and how unhappy your son is when in the daycamp, and when he comes home.

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