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dishonest with employer


Shalom kvod harav. Several years ago, I was planning to start University. In the interim before the start of university, I was put under a lot of pressure from my mother in law to get a job. I felt that I should tell a potential employer that I’m planning to begin university shortly and will only be working for a few months. However, in the end I did not do this.
I was first hired in a bakery and left after a month because b”H I was pregnant and the job in the bakery required heavy lifting which we determined was dangerous. However, even if I hadn’t been pregnant h”v, I still would have left the job about a month later due to university. When I quit, the owner was very mad at me and said she’d wasted money on me.
Afterwards I was hired by the municipality to work in a preschool and supervise a young boy allergic to milk, and ensure that he didn’t touch milk. I worked for about a month and then quit because of university.

My question is, did I sin? Must I ask forgiveness of the bakery owner and the municipality/ the parents of the boy? What can I do if I can’t contact the municipality or the parents of the boy? Must I return the money I made, when I know I probably wouldn’t have been hired if I’d told them I’m only looking for work for two months? I don’t believe I was explicitly asked how long did I plan to work for.

Thank you very much.


It is correct that you should have told them that it was only for two months bec it is geneivas da’as.

However, as far as return money you don’t owe anything-since according to the halocho you are allowed to quit

As far as asking for forgiveness from the municipality there is no one to ask and prob no one you need to ask and for the bakery –if they knew you were pregnant then certainly you don’t need to ask forgiveness bec it wasn’t suitable and if not and they told you it involved heavy carrying  maybe you should ask for forgiveness for not informing them you were expecting but if they didn’t tell you then you don’t need to ask for forgiveness bec they should have told you

Kesevo vechasemo tovo

Yosef Fleischman


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