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Skipping brachos after krias shema to daven btzibur?


If one misses all the brachos after krias shema to daven btzibur should he make them up afterwards and if so with a bracha?


During Shacharis a person should not skip the Brachos of Shema in order to daven with the tzibur because smichas geula l’tefilah is more important than tefila b’tzibur. Even during Maariv, where smichas geula l’tefila is not as important, if one started saying birkas kriyas shema he should not skip (except for Boruch H-ahem L’olam) in order to daven with the tzibbur.

In retrospect if he didn’t say one of the Brachos of Kriyas Shema, he should say the whole bracha afterwards. If however he didn’t say Hashkiveinu, at night it can only be said until alos hashachar. Boruch said without the bracha at the end. After Shemona Esrei Boruch H-shem L’olam should be said,,but without the bracha

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Regarding skipping- Shulchan Aruch 111-3, M:B 111-11, M:B 236-11, Emek Bracha (R’ Pomeronchik) Birkas Kriyas Shema -1, Oz Nidberu 6-39, Siach Halacha 111-11, he also beings Salmas Chaim that agrees that even by Maariv, L’chatchila one should not skip. Also see Minchas Yitzchok 8-16, Ishei Yisroel 28-37.

Regarding making up the bracha- M:B 236-11, Igros Moshe O:CH 1-89, Meohr Hashabbos 2 pg. 589, Ishei Yisroel 28-26.

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