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Making floating wicks on Yom Tov


There are various floating wicks on the market made of cork. These products require you to push a small wax coated wick through a hole in the floating cork before placing it in the oil to light. Often, the center hole where the wick is to be pushed through is not completely punched out requiring the user to punch out the hole when putting the wick through. Does this constitute making a kli on yom tov, and if so, is it permitted?


There is controversy regarding making floating wicks on Yom Tov. However most poskim say that they have to be made before Yom Tov because putting the wick into the float is making a kli, or at least completing it, which is makeh b’patish. Others however argue on this and say that it isn’t considered making a kli rather putting two keilim together, and like screwing on lid of a bottle . Preferably they should be made before Yom Tov. Your situation is worse than this because the float itself is not useable and punching out the hole, and even if it only has to be made wider in order to use it, making it wider is making it a useable kli, and should not be done on Yom Tov.

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