I’m noticing a lot of women started wearing a skirt with leggings underneath. Sometimes ankles are exposed and sometimes not. Is there an issue with this practice?


Wearing a skirt with leggings can have halachic issues. Even if the skirt has leggings the skirt has to be the correct length and cover the bottom of the knee in all positions. Aside from that, the ankles should be covered, however that can be taken care of by wearing socks on top or underneath the leggings.

In truth though, even if the leggings are technically tznius, there is another issue here. If the reason the person is wearing them (even if it is only the reason deep down inside) is in order to give off an appearance as if she is wearing pants, (even if it has a skirt on top of it) which are meant for men to wear and not women. This is more of a hashkafa issue, that women should dress like women and stay away from styles that are pushing the boundaries of halacha.

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  1. Hi. quote ”If the reason the person is wearing them is in order to give off an appearance as if she is wearing pants, which are meant for men to wear and not women”
    I noticed Jews from different places have different views regarding pants/trousers for women.
    Some ashkanaz view it unmodest as if wearing mens clothes.
    While Yemenites (well at least before they left Yemen since after that their traditions degraded) wear loose trousers under dress(did not use skirts) and in opposite it is considered modest for to cover legs and their shape even if dress would rise above, and has no indication to trying to wear mens clothes whatsoever.

    • I am referring to people in our generation in our areas.

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