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Head covering according to R’ Moshe


When Rav Moshe Feinstein permits a tefach (8-9cm) of hair to be shown regarding a woman’s head covering, what does that look? Is it measured from the hair line on top of the head and in ?
Is there a picture or reference to visualize this ?


Unfortunately there is a lot of misunderstanding, and general misconception in the teshuva that R’ Moshe wrote regarding a woman wearing her head covering in a way that some hair is showing. Although R’ Moshe does write that it is permitted, it was not meant to be taken as a permission slip for women to specifically uncover part of their hair in public, rather as a b’dieved, in retrospect, we can’t say that she did an aveiro. But C”V to say that it is permitted to walk outside with even part of her hair uncovered.  This is the way the gedolim understood the teshuva of R’ Moshe, as they write, that one who reads the whole teshuva will see that he never meant to give a blanket heter, rather only in a specific instance. They incude, R’ Schienberg, R’ Pam zt”l, and YBCHL”CH Nissim Karelitz and Rov Moshe’s son R’D. Feinstein, and R’ Mattisyahu Solomon shlit”a.

Please see the attachment to this post, מכתב מר’ מתתיהו סלומון which includes a letter, that was written by R’ Mattisyahu Solomon shlit”a in Adar 5754, that he visited R’ Dovid Feinstein to discuss the teshuva, and R’ Dovid said that there is great misunderstanding about this issue. R’ Mattisyau asked R’ Dovid if he can publicize in his name that his father never meant to give a blanket heter for this? R’ Dovid answered him, “Will people listen if you put out such a letter”? R’ Mattisyahu answered, not everyone will listen, (as it is a big yetzer hora not to listen) however there will be people that will listen”. To this R’ Dovid replied, “In that case it is a mitzvah to publicize” (so that people will not make this mistake).

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