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Chazaka Neder?


I started distributing a parsha shiur someone in the neighborhood every week–a talmid chacham in particular, and to others via e-mail

At the beginning, I had no intent in mind for this to be a neder/shevua, just a mitzvah. If I need/want to stop doing this, do I need hataras nedarim?


You should say that you are doing it bli neder, however if you didn’t then this is one of those nedarim that would be included in you being moser moda’ah on erev Rosh Hashana, so it wouldn’t be a b’dieved it wouldn’t be a neder.


Rema Y:D 211-1, Salmas Chaim Y:D 62, Minchas Shlomo 1-91(20), Kol Nidrei 73-8

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