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Can I undo a chumrah?


I came to learn in yeshiva in Eretz Yisroel this year; I came this past Elul. In the yeshiva I went to, they kept the chumrah of not opening plastic pop bottle caps on Shabbos. I, thinking nothing of it just stopped opening plastic bottle caps. I never really told myself I’m taking on this chumrah. However, when I went places I told people I did not open pop bottles on shabbos. Know I realize how frustrating it is to wait for someone to open a bottle; I would have never really thought of considering this chumrah if I knew how frustrating it would be. Is it possible to stop keeping the chumrah and be able to open plastic bottle caps on shabbos?


Without getting into the actual issue if one should open bottle caps on Shabbos or not, which is a machlokes among the poskim, if you want to get rid of the neder, ask your Rosh Yeshiva if he is willing to be matir neder for you.

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