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Giving a gift for certain purposes


Hi. I received a sum of money from someone as a gift. At the time the money was given or afterwards, it was made clear however that the money should not be used for yeshiva tuition. I now have exclusive control over the money. Must I abide by that condition?

Also, if I do have to abide by it, may I nevertheless borrow money from that sum to use for yeshiva tuition and then repay it?


If the person specified that the gift is to be used for something specific, and not for other things, you are obligated to use it according to their instructions, therefore you may not use it to pay your tuition.  You can however borrow from the money, since it was given to you, however it has to be paid back. If it wasn’t given to be used for anything specific, you can deduct other future expenses, i.e. food, new clothing, utility bills, against that sum that you owe.


B’orach Tzedakah 9-30, Poskim

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