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On shabbos, if one has a box of tissues that is mixed together with other objects to the extent that it is considered a ta’aroves, what should one do if one wants to take the box of tissues with him from the room they are in to the bathroom to clean himself after relieving himself? If one takes it with him to the bathroom before he relieves himself, he will not be immediately using the box of tissues until a little while later when he is ready to clean himself. Would this still be considered “miyad”? The alternative would be to relieve oneself and only then retrieve the box of tissues, although this would obviously be inconvenient and awkward.


You can take the box of tissues with you and it isn’t an issue of borer. The reason is that the same way that preparing the meal is considered part of the block of time and included in the meal, even though you will go to wash between the preparations and eating. It is still considered miyad because it is all meal related actions, and therefore considered miyad of the meal. Similarly whatever is needed for using the bathroom is considered miyad of using it.

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