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Food in yeshiva cafeteria


I’m in a yeshiva in which the first boys who show up to breakfast sometimes take disproportionately large portions of food for themselves. If there is no explicit rule about how much food one can take at meal time, is this forbidden? Other students may end up getting less, but is there a concept of “first come first serve” in halacha that’s relevant here?



Unfortunately this is common in an institution when they don’t pout out an abundance of food and there isn’t someone serving the food. The food is really meant for everyone in the yeshiva, therefore when the first boys come and take more than what is intended per person, they are taking away from the other boys, which isn’t correct. Regarding “first come first serve” I am not aware of such a concept here especially since everyone is entitled to breakfast, and it isn’t like a store where they sell whatever they have, to who ever comes first, because here it is meant for everyone equally.

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