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Pesachim 112a


I know this is not a halachic query but wonder if could help clarify Rav Chisda`s statemnent that “if I would not have sold shechar I would not have become wealthy”

Don`t we believe that mezonotav shel adam ketzuvim from RH to RH and no specific enterprise and business will cause wealth or poverty, as Hashem has many ways?

Thank you!


You are asking a very interesting question. The Ayin Yackov (look in Mesivta edition footnote 13) on this gemora answer with an interesting idea. He says that the gemora follows that the reason to work is because it is easy to do chesed with the beer and give some of it to poor people. ( The reason he says is because it is cheap to make and you get a lot of it and it is therefore easy to give from it poor people people.) The reason he became rich is specifically because he involved himself in a business that he can give tzedakah, which made him rich.

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