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CAN I put DAIRY cutlery in boiling water in a pareve pot to make it pareve? If yes, How long does it need to boil for? Does it make the Pareve pot dairy? Whats the best way? What if the cutlery wasn’t used for a while? How long? Please explain all these options


Yes, you can kasher milchig to pareve. The cutlery should have not been used or 24 hours, then bring a pot of water to a boil, and insert a few pieces at a time. Wait a few seconds until the it starts to boil again, then take them out and wash them in cold water. If the silverware was not used for 24 hours it will not make the pot milchig, and you can use a pareve pot.

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O:CH 452-3, Ohel Yackov pg. 274.

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