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Question regarding bathroom


Hi. Sometimes when I go to the bathroom usually after I urinate I then see a clear, sticky liquid start to come out. is that considered zera? And even if it is a very small amount, is that considered being oiver hotzo’as zera l’vatala?
Just recently, I noticed a liquid with a whitish tinge start to come out. Is that also considered zera? (even in a minimal amount)
If so, I know that the issur is very serious, so how can I do tshuvah?
Thank you so much for this wonderful site.


From a medical, halachic and kabalistic angle it is not zera, but lubricating fluid, and there is no need to be worried about it. There is no need to do teshuva, as it isn’t zera, as zera is only what comes out forcefully. Therefore, don’t be concerned with it. You might however want to see a urologist to check yourself out.

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