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Haircut on night of 17 Tamuz


My wife typically cuts my hair, in general as a way to save money and this year also as a distancing precaution against COVID. Her mikveh night is the night of 17 Tammuz (meaning the night before the fast) and I was wondering if she may give me a haircut at night after she returns. I know that Rav Moshe allows weddings and haircuts on this night in certain situations and was wondering if this would be included in his heter, or a comparable heter of any other respected posek.
Thank you!


Most poskim argue with R’ Moshe on this, and hold that although the fast doesn’t start until the morning, but all the halachos of the minhagim of the three weeks start from the evening (see sources). Even according to R’ Moshe it is only in a situation of “tzorech gadol”, (see Igros Moshe O:CH 3-100, O:CH -4 112(2) Shmaytisa D’moshe 551-5), and it is hard to say that your situation is considered a “tzorech gadol”. If the local authorities, and medical establishment allow barbershops to be open when taking the proper precautions, then we can’t say that the extra precaution would make the situation a “tzorech gadol”. There is still time to take a haircut by a barber, and you should wear a mask while getting it.

Hopefully these halachos will no longer be necessary next year.

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  1. If the local authorities do not allow the barbershops to be open at this time, would that be a tzorech gadol?

    1. Then it would depend if his taking a haircut in the first place is a tzorech gadol.

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