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Order of drying hands


I know there is a proper order to wash body. Does this also apply to drying? Or is it okay to dry either side first?

And is law or just preferred behavior?


The idea of washing our bodies according to order of prominence is mentioned in the poskim (Shabbos 61a, and Darcei Moshe O:CH 2-1, and M:D 2-7), however wiping our bodies is not mentioned. There is an idea regarding drying ourselves, (mentioned in Meseces Derech Eretz  2-2), however it only mentions drying our head before the rest of the body, but not regarding the right before the left. Hagaon R’ C. Kanievsky shlit”a (quoted in Daas Noteh 1-168) said that the right comes first even for drying ourselves, since the right comes first for everything, however this idea isn’t really mentioned by the other poskim.

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