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New Clothing Arriving during 9 Days


I ordered new clothing for myself (I don’t know if it makes a difference, but the clothes are secondhand but totally clean) during the 3 weeks.

They will be arriving during the 9 days (but not shavua sh’ chal bo).

I assume that I cannot wear them during the 9 days even if they are put on the floor etc first.

My question is, can I try them on to determine which clothes I want to return? I purchased it with the assumption that I will return most of them if they dont fit etc.

I can technically return the items on the Friday or Sunday after tisha b’av but that is the end of my “return period” so I’d rather take care of it before then if it is allowed and appropriate. At the same time, I know that if I try on something that I will keep it will bring a certain amount of simcha.

Thank you!


You are allowed to try on the clothing for a short amount of time just to check if it is the right size, as that is not considered wearing new clothing regarding these halachos.



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