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B”H Thank you very much for your help. Good Shabbos.
(This question is based on something that happened years ago, before becoming observant). I purchased a luggage item online and when it arrived, it was a darker color than it appeared on screen when ordered. I sought to return it, however I wanted the shipper to pay for the return shipping because 1. the item looked different to me than the color online and 2. for me to pay return shipping was probably close to what the cost of the item was. The company refused to pay for return shipping. I filed a claim with my credit card company and they found in my favor. However, they told me to keep the item, and I was refunded. I realize now- could this be considered theft, as I received an item that was essentially not paid for? Should I try to pay for the item now? If the company is not in business anymore, what (if anything) should be done?
Thank you so much!


As long as you were honest regarding your claim, since the credit card company, worked it out with the company, you do not have to worry about it . This is part of the agreement between the credit card company and the merchant.

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