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Sending or receiving payment on Shabbos


I work for a Yeshiva and get paid via direct deposit. From the Yeshiva’s perspective are they allowed to send payment on Shabbos or do they have to set up the direct deposit in a way that payments won’t be sent on Shabbos? Please explain and provide sources.


It is permitted for the Yeshiva to send it and for you to receive the payment even on Shabbos. The Yeshiva is allowed to send the payment because no one did an action of melacha on Shabbos itself, similar to having an air conditioner turn on on Shabbos, as it is the machine that did the melacha, not the Jew, See CH 252-5. It is also permitted for the recipient to receive the payment and it is not considered as if he did an act to acquire something on Shabbos, because he didn’t do anything to acquire it. See Shabbos and Commerce pg. 172

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