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Bowing on Yomim Noraim


Can the Rav please clarify the halacha regarding how much of the ground should be covered when we bow on the ground on Yomim Noraim. Is it just for the head, just for the knees or for both? Is there a difference how much covering is needed when bowing on carpet?
Thanks so much! Sources would be appreciated.


Halachically we only have to make a separation between our face and the floor, covering the floor where our knees are is more to prevent our pants from getting dirty. If one doesn’t have something to cover his face when bowing, he can use his tallis to separate between his face and the floor. Although essentially the issue of bowing applies only to floors made of stone, marble, etc, the minhag however is to put a separation even when bowing on other materials such as wood, carpeting etc.



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