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Black Hebrew Israelites


There have been many Black people believing they are the real Jews because there have been certain spiritual leaders claiming that Jews come from all kinds of people and the original Jews are blacks
There is a website that even claims this.

There are many YouTube videos that claim this as well.

According to Jewish history, is there such a Black congregation in America which is halachically Jewish? Please take a look at the picture.

What is the truth? Thank you.


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How could they be “the real Jews” if they also claim that “Jews come from all kinds of people”? The two don’t make sense.  Honestly I am not familiar with their claims, but the torah is quite clear that the Jews are descendants directly from Abraham Issac and Jacob, who were descendants of Shem. The direct lineage is clearly written in Parshas Noach. The blacks came from Chom. Therefore mainstream Judaism won’t accept the claim that they are the original Jews. If they want to argue that at some point they joined the Jewish people, that would be something else.

If there is or isn’t a Jewish congregation of blacks in the United States, that could be, But the claim that they are the “original” Jews, meaning that they are the one’s who came out of Egypt, received the Torah on Har Sinai, I find that difficult to believe.

Gmar chasima tova


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