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Talking to guest after Hamotzi


When having guests on shabbos, after Hamotzi I eat a piece of challah, And pass down to My wife. After this point, I use the opportunity while everyone is silent to thank my wife and my guests for coming. However, since my guests were relying on me being moitzi them in the brocha and they are now listening to me speak, their daas perhaps has moved away from my brocha as they are now concentrating on what I am saying.

Is this halachically problematic?


It is beautiful to see how careful you are to keep the halachos!

There is an idea brought in halacha that we should not wait at all and try to eat as soon as possible after making the bracha, this idea of not causing other people to think other thoughts isn’t mentioned. Therefore we can’t say that it is a halachic problem. On the other hand, by talking to them, and diverting their attention, you might just cause one of them to talk out which would be an issue. As a side point you must make sure to swallow some of the challah before talking out, and l’chatchila you should eat a kzayis before talking.

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M:B 167- 34,35, R’ Stizberg shlit”a- author of Shaarei Habracha, Piskei Teshuvos 167-14.

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