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Asking gentile to turn lights off on Shabbos


When catering an affair  on Shabbos after the simcha ends friday night can the goy be asked to turn off the lights in the hall


We are not allowed to ask a goy to do melacha for us on Shabbos. Although it can be argued, that we are not getting positive benefit from the melacha that the goy is doing, however just the asking itself is amira l’akum. Additionally it is hard to consider the cost of the lights to be a hefsed, as the cost is negligible, and many people don’t even care about lights that were left on. Additionally, by asking of having the goy turn the lights off at night, you are making your self an issue for tomorrow morning, because then you will need him to turn the lights on again.

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O:CH 307-5, M:B 307-22, Poskim.

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