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Lashon Hora spoken about a group of people – continued


Thank you for answering my question ( I had a follow up question, I was under the impression that if a person spoke loshon hora one of the things they should do is go back to the person who they told the lashon hora to and correct what they said/apologize and say they were wrong and that they may have spoken lashon hora, is that correct? If I can go back to the people who I spoke the lashon hora to, should I and apologize that it may have been lashon hora?



If no harm/insult was caused, you do not have to tell them, as stated by the Chafetz Chaim (source brought in answer to your original question). In fact you should not tell them.

Even if harm was caused, if the person does not know that you spoke negatively about them, it would be better not to tell them as telling them would cause unnecessary friction and pain (as per opinion of Rav Yisrael Salanter mentioned in the answer your original question).

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