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Sefer to look up vort for bar mitzva


Shalom Harav I’m looking for some divrai torah for my son bar mitzvah that he can say it over on Shabbat & his bar mitzvah party would you know of any Sefarim or sites or on line or any way to find some stuff please? Thank you
Chazak Baruch


It is hard to answer you because I do’t know what type of dvar torah you are looking for. There is a set of seforim called Torah L’daat, which has Divrei Torah on the Parcha and for various simchos. Additionally, you can find something on the Parsha of that week, there are many seforim that have divrei torah, stories etc. that are very interesting. Here is a name of a sefer that has light divrei torah accompanied with stories.”Chaim Sheyesh Bohem”.

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