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Money for KOLLEL


If a working man puts away money so that he can retire early for kollel, can maasar money be used? Or put away money so that his daughter can perhaps marry a ben torah, or sons might want to learn, can maasar money be used?


Thank you for your question.

It is very nice that you would like to retire early to be able to learn in kollel, however maaser money is not to be used for personal mitzvos and learning torah is the biggest personal mitzva we have. Therefore, you should not use maaser money for it. Hashem should provide you with enough parnassa that you should not have to come on to this, and you should be able to retire at the right time and learn in kollel.

Regarding putting away money in order to support a child who will sit in kollel please see the following post…gs-extra-tuition/ which discusses putting money away for a child’s wedding from maaser money.



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