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Abiding to COVID regulations in Shule


I live in Australia where the COVID rules are currently very strict.

Masks must be worn indoors.

From a halachic point of view, am I obligated to daven with a minyan when many mispalelim of my Shule do not wear masks? (Minyanim are also limited due it being summer and people are away)

The issue is more that I’ll unfortunately feel ‘uncomfortable’ doing the right ‘thing’.

In this day in age when us Jews live amongst other nations, I strongly feel that kiddush HaShem is vital regardless of whether I am concerned about catching the virus or not.

Am I chayev to daven with a minyan?


Yes you should still daven with a minyan. Although many of the mispalelim don’t wear masks as they should, by you following the rules, although you are uncomfortable about it, don’t let that bother you.

By going to shul you are able to answer amein, kedusha kaddish, daven with a minyan, and your neshoma will gain immensely from it. In truth the fact that you aren’t comfortable, will magnify the power of the mitzvos tremendously. The Tur In the beginning of Shulchan Aruch says that there are times the we have to be “az kanomer”, brazen like a leopard, and even if doing the mitzva needs a little “guts”, we should gather the inner strength and still do it. 

Do what you have to and don’t worry… you will be duly rewarded.

Have a good Shabbos. 

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  1. Another plus of davening with a mask is that one gives strength to those who are wearing masks to continue wearing them, thus creating the so called, “Kiddush Hashem”.

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