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Using tzedakah money for a Chinese auction


My son’s school was collecting charity for Lev Lachim. I told him I would give him $60 for this. I never gave it to him yet as the campaign is ongoing and he wanted to bring it in when the campaign is finishing. I just got a booklet in the mail from a different school doing a charity auction for Lev Lachim. They will be doing it like a Chinese auction with tickets and prizes to benefit Lev Lachim. Can I use the $60 the I told my son I would give him for this organization and buy tickets in the Chinese auction for the same charity.


As far as ma’aser is concerned, you can give the money through the other school, even though you will now be benefiting from it, as long as the first school is not losing out because of it (they get a commission, etc). The reason is because Lev Lachim is not losing out because you are now giving the money through the other school (unless you know otherwise).

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  1. 2 things:
    1. Answer seems to be cut off in middle.
    2. Question is about Lev L’Lachim, not Yad L’Achim.

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