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Blood in cookies?


I have very dry hands with cracks that bleed. While I was kneading cookie dough, I noticed that one (or some?) of the red cracks on my hand were wet (ie bleeding lightly I guess). I didn’t look carefully, but I didn’t see anything red in the dough that I could see easily. But beaucse there was at least a drop of wet red on my hand, I presume that as I was kneading the dough, some blood got into the dough. I rinsed my hands of and was mentally distracted from it and kept kneading and baking, and didn’t think about it again until everything was baked.

1) Are the cookies now not okay to eat?

2) If the blood would be bottul, does it matter that it was a thick dough (and not a liquid that was mixed thoroughly)?

3) Even if it is fine bidieved, would there be a tzad to be machmir? I baked these cookies to give out for shaloch manos to yungeleit and their families and wouldn’t want to give them something that isn’t ideal…


There is absolutely no need for concern here. The reason is because essentially human blood is not included in the prohibition not to eat blood. We are not allowed to eat human blood that has left the body only because it appears like animal blood. The Rema (Yoreh Deah 66-10) says that human blood that got mixed into other food is permitted to eat. Therefore, your cookies are totally fine to send to eat and give to others.

Have a happy Purim 

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