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Proper bentching rules:


For the proper bentching rules. What are some general thoughts to keep in mind beforehand? For instance, standing/sitting, allowed to recite outdoor/indoor (only). Anything else that can be useful to take note of please mention. Thank you.


Thank you for your question. Here are some of the halachos.

  1. Concentration– The Chayei adam (כלל מ”ז סע’ יג) writes, that a person should bentch with fear, concentration, and simcha, and he brings from the zohar that the posuk טוב עין הוא יבורך “the (one with a) good eye should bless” is referring to bentching with simcha. When a person bentches with joy it causes that certain places in heaven get their nourishment, when this person comes to the next world there will be a place for him in these areas.
  1. Like Shemona Esrei – A person while he is bentching has the same Halachos as when he is davening Shemona Esrei. Namely that he is not allowed to answer to anyone, even a king  (שו”ע או”ח ס’ קפ”ג סע’ ח’), and he is not allowed to(מ”ב שם סק”ל) walk around during bentching.
  1. We are not allowed to do anything (ס’ שפ”ג סע’י”ב וס’ קצ”א סע’ ג’) while we are bentching; even to wink to someone is not ערה”ש סוס’ קפ”ג)) permitted, just like שמונה עשרה.
  1. We should also ((ס’ קפ”ג סע’ ט’, וע’ ערה”ש אות ח’ מתוס’ רמז מן התורה “ושבעת וברכת” שב עת וברכת specifically be seated during Bentching.
  1. We have to sit respectfully when bentching, and not leaning over in a haughty fashion. (שו”ע שם סע’ ט’)
  1. Bentching should preferably be said loudly, because it helps us to concentrate, and so we shouldn’t forget (ס’ קפ”ה מ”ב סק”ג) to say רצה or יעלה ויבא.


As a side point, I am attaching a bentcher Birkas Mordechai Bencher   that you can read, which might help you.

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