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Spelt Maztzos


Hi, I was wondering if spelt shmura matzos are as lechatchila as plain wheat Shmura matzos? If no, is it still ok to eat it if that is what is available to you? If yes, why is the oilam usually makpid on using white wheat matzos?



The most lchatchila matzos are from wheat. The Mishna Berura (553-2) says that it is because people like it best, and because it is the most prominent of the grains. There is another reason given, that it isn’t clear how long the fermentation process takes with other grains, and how long it takes for them to become chametz. Everyone however agrees that for someone that can’t eat wheat matzos that they should eat matzos of spelt if possible.

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Shraga Hameir 5-8, Livushei Mrdechai 2-148, Minchas Yitzchok 9-49, Piskei Teshuvos 553-1.

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