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chol hoamoed


Hello, can the following be done on Chol Hoamoed?

1. Rip toilet paper/floss/other paper
2. Word searches/games/crossword puzzles that involve using a pen? Must it done with a shinui?
3. Buying fruits and vegetables that could have been bought before but are fresher if one waits?
thank you



  1. It is permitted to rip toilet paper on chol hamoed, because it is needed for the chag, and it isn’t a professional act.
  2. Word searches etc. which are played for chol hamoed enjoyment are permitted. Regarding a shinui, if the text written is not being done in an exact fashion, but sloppily that is fine.
  3. It is permitted to buy whaever is needed for Yom Tov, especially if buying it beforehand will hamper the fresheness of the produce.
  4. Have a good Yom Tov



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