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Spot cleaning on Chol Hamoed


What kind of cleaning clothing is permitted on chol hamoed?
1) Spot cleaning by hand with soap if there is dirt/grime? Does one have to take care just to wash that exact area and not any other parts of the garment?
2) What about cleaning the whole garment by hand for smell?
3) What is the difference between children and adults?

Thank you so much!



  1. Spot cleaning stains that got on one’s clothing during Yom Tov is permitted, but only the area that got stained, and only if the person doesn’t have something else to wear.
  2. This would not be worse than if the whole garment got dirty, the prohibition not to do laundry would still apply. In extenuating circumstances speak to a Rov.
  3. A child’s clothing that got soiled in also included in this. However if the child dirtied everything and doesn’t have anything clean to wear, it is permitted to wash by machine, what the child will need for Yom Tov.


Have a good Yom Tov


O:CH 534-1, Hilchos Chol Hamoed pg. 33.

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