Do you say harachaman hu yanchilaynu yom shekulo tov on chol hamoed in bentching? or just on yomtov itself? Source, please?


The Achronim discuss your question and it depends if we term Chol Hamoed a “Yom Tov” or not. The Magen Avrohom O:CH 490-1, Chok Yackov ibid-4, and M:B ibid-5 say that we don’t call it a Yom Tov therefore we don’t say that harachaman on Chol Hamoed. However others say that it is said. See sources.


Chochmas Shlomo 664-1, Rashash Succah 27a,  Erech Hashulchan 198-2, Bais Meir O:CH 490-3, Kaf Hachayim 490-14, say that it is said on chol hamoed, see Shalmei Todah (Succos) 81.Taz O:CH 668-1  says that it isn’t considered a Yom Tov.

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