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Listening to Metal Genres


I want to know if a Jew is allowed to listen to Black Metal and other metal subgenres without of course ascribing in the lyrics or practices of the Bands?


Music is the communication of the soul. When a person talks, he is expressing the thoughts in his mind, and when a person sings, he is expressing his inner soul. When we listen to these people singing, especially if since they are is involved in all sorts of lowly, lustful, negative behavior, you are connecting to them by hearing their songs and the values that are imparting with the songs they are singing. Even if you don’t ascribe to the singer’s way of life and the words he is singing, it will still have an effect on you. Even if you don’t notice it at first, subconsciously it makes an effect. The Talmud (Chagiga 15b) relates that Elosha Ben Avuya (Acher), a person who was a tremendous Tanna, went off, and one of the reasons was because he listened to Greek Music (see Maharsha ibid). We can’t say that we are on more sound footing then he was, therefore we must protect ourselves. Music has a profound effect on our soul, and the fact that you don’t ascribe to the singer’s low lifestyle, however we have to stick away from it, because such music fills out mind with spiritually unhealthy things. Your holy, Jewish mind is not a place to store such trash.
Nowadays there is plenty of Jewish music, and many tunes that are (hopefully only) similar to the rock that you are listening to. You will be doing yourself a favor by switching to that, instead of the lewd, lowliness and immorality that is spewing from the mouth of the other singers.
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