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Olam HaBa and pleasures


When the world to come finally arrives and we all live in harmony and know HaShem. Will he give us everything we might want? For example, a nice car or houses on other planets?


Chazal tell that in the world to come, it will not be physical world, with physical pleasures, rather a world that is full of spiritual pleasures, on a level that we cannot really understand at this point.  For example, a small child, can’t understand or appreciate any other pleasures above ice cram and candy. However, when he gets older he already wants a bike, then a car, then a plane, a yatch, a cruise. It is the same with us. Hashem, the one who created all the pleasures of this physical world, has told us that, this world has a very LIMITED amount of pleasures, (The reason being because this world wasn’t created with the goal of giving pleasure, rather for us to work so we can enter the world of pleasure- Olam Haba). He is the one who said, that the next world, which was created specifically in order to give us pleasure, will be millions of times more pleasurable than this world. Therefore, when you get there, you will not want to shortchange your self by cashing in your mega reward for a couple of gum drops, and lollypops.

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