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Nedarim- relying on Mesiras Modaah


If one has said Netaras Nedarim after Rosh Hashonah, does one still need to be worried about making nedarim and being bound by them throughout the year by for example, saying that you are going to do something in your avodas Hashem without saying bli neder? For example if I say, I am going to learn something (without saying bli neder) am I bound by that if I had said hataras nedarim after Rosh Hashona which seems to cancel all future vows, too?


Thank you for your question.

Essentially, we don’t rely on the mesiras modaah (declaration made before Rosh Hashana that any vows made in the future should be null and void), except in very few cases. Therefore, even after making the declaration we still have to be careful about not saying nedarim. And yes, get used to saying bli neder whenever you say that you will do something that might be a mitzva. The mesiras modaah will help however for nedarim that came about because the person did a positive action three times, without saying bli neder, otherwise we don’t rely on the mesiras modaah.

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