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Kinyan on small plot of land re fulfilling the Mitzva of Shemita


Please let me know if I can be a Makneh a small plot of land (4 square Amos) to my friend in the States to enable him to fulfill the Mitzva of Shemita by asking him to donate a sum of money to the charity of his choice.

Thank you.


Yes you can be makneh a piece of land, and the payment that you are getting it, is that the person in the States is giving money to tzedakah because you asked him to. This is similar to the gemora in Kiddushin 7a, that a person is considered to have received something when someone gives something to someone else because they requested it. It is the same thing here, the giving of the tzedakah as per his request is as if he received money in compensation for the temporary sale of the land.

Best wishes



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