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Toveling in very shallow water


When you tovel something can it just be immersed with water or does it have to be completely submerged? I ask for situations where the pool is so shallow that the cooking pot isn’t completely submerged but still thoroughly immersed.


Thank you for your question.
It is good that you are reaching out to us because there are few things that we have to clarify. When toveling, the utensil must be totally immersed in the water, if even just a small part of it isn’t in the water, the tevila doesn’t count. Additionally, the tevila has to be done in a pool of water that would be considered a valid mikva. For example, a swimming pool will not suffice for this, as there are a number of conditions for a body of water to be considered valid to be used as a mikva. If the body of water is so shallow, unless you are by a lake or the ocean, the body of water might have other reasons why it may not be used for a mikva, such as that it has too little water.
Feel free to ask more questions, and we will be happy to be of assistance.
Best wishes


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