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Toveling bottles that will be reused


Do I need to mikvah glass coffee jars if I plan on reusing them for drinking?


Thank you for your question.

Your question is the subject of some debate among the poskim. Most poskim agree that since you are not planning to use the jar more than once, then it doesn’t need tevilah,  because you don’t really want to buy the bottle rather the food. Additionally if the use of the bottle is only to empty it, that isn’t considered using it. However according to these poskim if the bottle will be refilled it will need tevilah. R’ Moshe Feinstein zt”l and others however held that when the manufacture made and sold the jar it was subservient to the food, therefore it wasn’t considered a kli. Now that you decided to use it afterwards, you are the one who established that it should be considered a kli. Therefore it is considered as if you are the one who made the kli, and a Jewish made vessel does not need tevilah. Many people rely on this opinion.

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