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Tevila Requirement for Large Appliances


Hello I got a fridge with an ice maker. There is a portion of the ice maker which can be removed and toveled. This is the bin in which the ice sits and waits to be ground or dispensed. However it got me thinking that maybe there are other metal parts inside the fridge over which the water passes. What is the halachic basis to not tovel these parts?


The parts of the fridge that are not meant to be removed are considered an integral part of the fridge and have the same halachos as the fridge itself. The fridge itself does not need tevila for a number of reasons. It is not considered a kli because it is not meant to be moved, and secondly because it is usually larger than 40 seah. Therefore, the fridge and whatever it attached to it don’t need tevila.

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Beer Moshe 7 (Kuntris Electric) 72, Minchas Shlomo 2-66(8), Ashrei Hoish Y:D 9-32.


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