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Modesty for Non-Jews and Removing Pictures from Internet


I am a Noahide. My (Noahide) girlfriend has started dressing modestly recently. She has taken down her pictures on the internet which display immodesty but others still have many pictures of her all over the internet, wearing tight pants, swimming, etc. I have been encouraging her to message these people and ask them to remove these pictures but it seems like there is a countless number of pictures and this practice is stressful and embarrassing for her. My questions are: 1) Does she have an obligation to attempt to contact these people to remove these photos? 2) Is she liable if others continue to host pictures of her, even if she deeply regrets dressing that way? 3) I’ve heard greatly contrasting opinions about how modestly applies to non-Jewish woman, could the Rabbi explain her obligations? Thank you, sorry for the long-windedness.



It is definitely the correct practice for a Noahide and all other people to be dressed in a manner that shows self-respect. However on a technical judicial level, personally, I am not aware that she has any obligations in this area. If you heard contrasting opinions on this, I’d be interested in knowing who said it, and the source for it.


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