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Accountant’s fees and Maaser kesafim


Hi. I’m a full time Avrech in Israel and I also work part time as a lawyer through an Australian office. I earn more or less the same every month. I act like an employee but for Israel purposes I am technically a contracter with my own business. I lodge tax returns every 2 months. I pay a fee to my accountant every time I lodge a tax return plus an additional fee to my accountant for my annual tax return.

Baruch Hashem I am able to give 20% of my salary to tzedaka each month. My question – should I deduct the accountant fees from my monthly salary for the purpose of calculating my monthly tzedaka? I am not in finacial hardship Baruch Hashem. I’m not looking for a leniency, I just want to do what is right. Thank you.



The accountant’s fee is in order for you to pay your taxes as a result of your earnings. This would be considered a business expense and you can deduct it from you’re your salary regarding maaser.

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