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Israelis doing business in the Diaspora on yom tov sheini


I’m an author who lives in Israel and I plan to be in Israel for Sukkos. One of my books has been selected to be part of an email marketing campaign in the United States that will take place on yom tov sheini. The company sponsoring the campaign isn’t a Jewish company, but there may be Jews who will receive the email and then choose to purchase my book on Amazon. May I participate in this marketing campaign?



Our apologies, but the site was down for a little while due to some technical issues.

Regading your question, it seems alright because the company is doing ther own business, and you don’t have to worry that  jJew might buy from it, because you are not causing him to buy it, it is the non-Jewish company that is doing it, and it isn’t Yom Tov for you.

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