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Correcting Baal tefilla


If one hears the Baal tefilla make a mistake in how they say a word in davening (e.g. in chazoras hashatz or Kaddish) do they need to correct them, or does malbin pnei chavero berabbim override that in this case?


Thank you for your question.
Correcting the baal tefilla, would be similar to correcting the baal koreh when he is reading from the torah and he makes a mistake. If the mistake that he said makes a difference in the meaning of the word, and therefore the baal koreh would have to say it again, then he has to be told. Although it is embarrassing for him, but essentially this is what he would want. He doesn’t want to have to say it again, and cause this to others. However, if it is just a small mistake, and there isn’t a difference in the meaning of the word, then you can let it ride, and you don’t have to correct him.
Regarding tefilloh it is not as strict, and if the mistake will make a difference that the bracha has to be said again etc. then he has to be corrected, but if not then we don’t correct him.
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